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About Sarah & K3Uk Coaching 

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My name is Sarah and I work on creating amazing holistic health checks combining my expertise with intuition and frequency techniques to help driven people find their way to recognise, resolve, and realign their lives.

I have many years of experience within the Health and wellbeing industry.

As a fully qualified Soul Purpose Investigator®, Reiki Master and teacher, PT, Nutrionist, Massage Therapist,  Acupressurist, Reflexologist, and Frequency practitioner to name a few, I have many years of experience creating and building tailored coaching programs for my clients.

Being given the opportunity to contribute to people's 'wealth in health' has really allowed me to understand and support each individual who trusts my process, to not only reach their goals but become resilient to the journey ahead of them.

What do I show people? well, it's deeper than skin deep, when we work together to uncover your reasons for being stuck, for living re-runs of your past experiences, we start to let go of hindsight and create a future that allows you to let go of the FOMO and shiny Sh*t that keeps distracting you.


Experience and knowledge from working with coaches in the past and collaborating with some amazing people over the years have allowed me to see journeys from both sides: client and coach. 

Having a strong belief in health and the sense of unity and coherence of the Mental, Emotional, Nutrition, Physical and hormonal sides of health, I believe it's important to allow clients to explore an all-inclusive wellbeing, vitality, and health experience under one program.

Allowing you to participate in life to your fullest capacity. This has allowed me a more intuitive and personal way of working, and to become an advocate of alternative therapies when it comes to taking care of yourself.

It is my goal to continuously improve the quality of services and the outcomes my clients receive when looking for the answers they have been searching for and have yet to be given real tangible results from.

You are as unique as your fingerprint, so your package is just as individualised as you.

What some of my clients say:

When I feel like everything I'm doing is 'just out of habit'  - you came along and basically broke me down in seconds in our sessions, helping me to see that I'm not actually 'fine' and you really helped me with the issues and struggles, and properly understood why they affected me, in fact, you've helped me with certain things I NEVER thought I'd be able to ever say out loud to anyone! 

Guest Speaker

I offer a 30-minute “guest expert” spot to Facebook Group owners.

If you feel that your group would be open to a conversation about what your gut feeling really means, I have expert knowledge on how to make this an easy chat, while giving support and tips that people can implement straight away.

I also have a really intuitive and simple way to enable people to recognise what's making them feel stuck, resolve FEARS and create FREEDOM, and realign their bodies using frequency techniques that will have them TRUSTING their choices - permanently.

If you want me to get involved in your group, then get in touch.

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