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Do you want to finally feel free and able to create your own destiny in life?

1:1 Soul

Empowerment Coaching

All-inclusive Transformation support to allow you to create your own journey.

Are you ready to believe YOU can transform what has been holding you back, NOT by copying someone else's success story,

But TRUSTING in your own journey...

It's easy to fall into the same trap of the deadly triple 'S' (Shiny Sh*t Syndrome).

The FOMO takes over and you stop listening to yourself and follow the latest trends, influencers, promises of amazing figures...

Have you been holding yourself back, feeling overwhelmed by your self-limiting beliefs, doubts, and wrong directions your head keeps making you follow?

to support your TRUE PURPOSE...

What you can expect from 1:1 Coaching:


1. Discover your belief system

  • Find out what limiting core beliefs you run on.

  • Engage with the ego for the last time.

  • Break Generational and past life curses and implants you may be carrying.

Spiritual Meditation

4. Reverse Engineer

  • Understand how to create your life with choices.

  • Find how to prioritise your goals and aspirations.

  • A plan for you to refer back to when you feel lost.

Clouds and Sunset

2. Accountability

  • Full Guidance and Support.

  • weekly & Monthly check points.

  • encrypted messaging system.

Healing Stones

5. Weekly Check-ins

  • Support and guidance

  • safe space to feel seen and heard

  • Zero judgement policy to allow you to unpack everything with confidence.

Image by Ashley Batz

3. Empowerment toolbelt

  • Learn guided meditations to support you throughout.

  • Understand your energy cycles.

  • Harness & utilise your intuition.

White Plants

6. Top Secret Extras

  • Lots of extras customised and individualised just for you!

Before we get started we'll get together for a chat, so we can start to allow you to feel confident to finally take off the mask you've been hiding behind.

This will allow you to get clear on where you are versus where you want to be - everyone deserves unlimited choices!

A MASSIVE combination of unique tools, support, accountability, guidance, and encouragement

All this for just £555 

(Every 4 weeks)

Payment plans available on request

Soul Purpose Coaching

When I feel like everything I'm doing is 'just out of habit'  - you came along and basically broke me down in seconds in our sessions, helping me to see that I'm not actually 'fine' and you really helped me with the issues and struggles, and properly understood why they affected me, in fact, you've helped me with certain things I NEVER thought I'd be able to ever say out loud to anyone! 

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