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K3 Fitness HYBRID Classes


Strength Training

Have you been looking for a fitness class that fits around you?
Are you looking to invest in your fitness this year?
Do you find yourself bored of the same style of workouts?

Do you want to have access to a 'live' feel class where ever you are?
Are you looking for variety in your fitness journey?
Have you struggled in the past with accountability?

If this sounds like YOU

 I can help!

Healthy, Happy, Fit and Strong

Online/face 2 face 'BOOTCAMP' style classes to suit every level of fitness.

Each class lasts 30 minutes and will leave you with a serious glow.

(of the good kind)

With a variety of class styles including:

 - Kettlebells

 - Free weights

 - Bodyweight


 - Circuits

 - Yoga

There really is no better place to get your body moving again!

Class timetable:

Monday @7pm (Yoga)

Wednesday @7pm (Bodyweight)

Saturday @8:30 / 9am (weighted)

Single Sessions - £6 (limited availability)

Monthly Membership for £35.

(to be used within 8 weeks)




I wanted to lose fat and feel better about what I saw in the mirror. I have underlying health issues and these made things harder in the past for me to stay on track, but talking with Sarah and having a better understanding of how my body worked really helped me stay on plan and get the results I wanted.


I have been diagnosed with mental health issues and I was finding even the most 'normal' of tasks hard - my anxiety levels made it hard for me to even leave my house some days, with Sarah's online coaching she taught me how to put coping techniques in place to help manage my anxiety, and gave me tips on eating not only for my health but for my mind too. She has become a close friend and I feel that she has never judged me


After a bad break up and being left to start all over again, I needed someone to be there for me. Sarah gave me the kick I needed and focus to move on and cope with goal setting. I have not only dropped 2 stone and a dress size, but feel I am stronger than Ive ever felt. She has a real passion for helping others.

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