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Life journey, with twists and turns

"Stop taking the same road, expecting a different destination..."

You were NEVER born to be limited by your beliefs, gender, circumstances, background, or luck.
You are however limited by your beliefs, fears, worries, thoughts, and feelings.

Are you ready to create a life of unlimited potential..


Hindsights a Wonderful Thing!But if it was foresight it could change everything!

Somewhere along your life's journey, you found that you were repeating the same things, but hoping there was a different outcome, battling against the storm hoping that it would allow you to see light at the end of the tunnel. but it never seemed bright enough, or close enough to reach out and grab...


Perhaps you've been struggling with your health and after going down all the 'usual' routes, they all come to the same conclusion, that there's not much else you can do and the person you once recognised is no longer there when you catch yourself in a reflection...

Maybe you have felt like your professional life has hit a massive wall, and no matter what angle you take, you just can't seem to get past the blocks you are facing, and no amount of 'shiny shit' is going to help you get to where you want to be...?

It's time for you to simply stop surviving, and start thriving in life, and I can help you start to fix all these issues you are facing, but are you ready to do one thing - TRUST YOURSELF...?

Feeling amazing

"Society has dictated that in order to be successful we must imitate others who have already created their own 'WEALTH' and while some may get some results, there is one big flaw in the whole design.

We don't trust ourselves to follow our own journey to create the success we deserve."

Testimonial Review


When I feel like everything I'm doing is 'just out of habit'  - you came along and basically broke me down in seconds in our sessions, helping me to see that I'm not actually 'fine' and you really helped me with the issues and struggles, and properly understood why they affected me, in fact, you've helped me with certain things I NEVER thought I'd be able to ever say out loud to anyone! 

Testimonial Review


Sarah not only fully empathises with what you want physically but gets you to understand what you need emotionally & mentally. She has this BIG SISTER approach that just makes you feel supported, and the results speak for themselves.

Testimonial Review


Thank you so much for your help, not only have you made me feel happier and healthier but you have given my wife the man she fell in love with back. I cannot tell you how much you have improved my whole life.


Testimonial Review


Realizing I had allowed my work to rule my life, I reached out to K3UK.I had no idea when I joined that my initial program would become secondary to the organic way Sarah worked on my mindset and inner confidence. I now not only look good but feel great, would recommend to anyone looking to boost themselves.

Testimonial Review


I made the initial contact with Sarah as I was struggling to find balance. Being a single mum I needed some help to get the control back in my life overall. I needed 1 to 1 coaching and she gave me the tools I needed to get order back in my life. When Im having 'one of those days' shes there to talk me back down and get me to think calmly and assess my choices in a clear and manageable way.

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