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1:1 Empowerment Coaching


Are you ready to believe YOU can transform what has been holding you back,

NOT by copying someone else's success story,

But TRUSTING in your own journey...

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Do You feel stuck, fed-up,

and frustrated with the road ahead?

It's easy to fall into the same trap of the deadly triple 'S' (Shiny Sh*t Syndrome).

The FOMO takes over and you stop listening to yourself and follow the latest trends, influencers, promises of amazing figures...

Do you feel like you are going round in circles, with no clear direction of how to find your own path and success?

Have you been holding yourself back, feeling overwhelmed by your self-limiting beliefs, doubts, and wrong directions your head keeps making you follow?

Are you feeling like your in quick sand, sinking with every move you make?

You need to have EMPOWERMENT
to find your TRUTH.

What you can expect with a Unique 1:1 Empowerment program:

1. Discover your belief system.

  •  finding out what your transformation looks like.

  • Diving deep into the root cause of your blocks.

  • Understanding External vs. Internal Truths.

3. Accountability

  • Creating Goals and FOCUS.

  • Realigning with whom you want to be.

  • Learning to Trust yourself.

5. Empowerment toolbelt

  • Deciding the options to keep you on track.

  • Learning about triggers and how to overcome.

  • Learn the 'Lean in' practice.

2. Reverse Engineer

  • Understanding thoughts and feelings.

  • Digging up the past and letting it go.

  • reconnecting with your own energy.

4. Weekly Check-ins

  • Accepting what has and hasn't worked.

  • Concretising who you were over who you are.

  • safe space to explore and discuss your journey.

5. Extras

  • Energy Healing.

  • Meditations.

  • Workouts.

  • Nutritional Support.

  • Encrypted Messaging system.

PLUS, before we get started we'll get together on an initial 30 minute consultation call

To get clear on what's holding you back, and what you would like to achieve from us working together


12 weeks of unique tools, support, accountability, guidance, and encouragement

All for just £996

(That's the equivalent of £12 a day!)

Payment plans available on request


When I feel like everything I'm doing is 'just out of habit'  - you came along and basically broke me down in seconds in our sessions, helping me to see that I'm not actually 'fine' and you really helped me with the issues and struggles, and properly understood why they affected me, in fact, you've helped me with certain things I NEVER thought I'd be able to ever say out loud to anyone! 

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